Quicky: in the city and alongside of the express way in the city, not much green can be found. But here halfway til Narita, things are much greener and less concrety.

Also, here it is obvious again that most hill sides and sound barriers, so to say, are concrete enforced. It shows, but I suppose that’s only practical.

Note: as you may have surmised, I have not experienced any earthquakes during my stay.


Quicky: one aspect of Japan can be described as rusty. Many things of iron or similar metals or alloys maybe, have lots of rust stains. Bridges, buildings, etc.

Not very nice to look at. I suppose that’s one thing the Japanese save on.

Let me reiterate that the Japanese use stewards everywhere, for which a budget has to be available, I imagine.

Left and right

Quicky: so, this bus driver likes driving on the middle lane a lot. Then you get overtaken on both the right and the left. I wonder if things usually work like this…

Last day

Sunday 9th November

This morning I packed my belongings, had brunch and chatted a bit with Junko-san. As things turned out I was just on time to leave and catch the Narita airport express bus, so I left in a bit of a hurry. That was a bit unfortunate, but on the bright side I will have a good trip to the airport, without transfers and will have time to spare on departure.

On my way to the airport.

More on ambulances

Quicky: on my way home, an ambulance came by. It’s just amazing to see how (IMHO) overly careful they cross a fully cleared intersection… Too slowly, just too slowly…

Wait, what?

Quicky: on my last subway ride of the day, something went wrong. Just after the train departed, it stopped again. Something was announced but I could lot make heads or tails of it.

As the doors opened again, nobody moved, so I figure I do the same. 😛 After a short while, we resumed the ride.

Yes, this was probably quite exceptional. At least in regard to all subway and train rides I had made during my stay in Japan.

Deja vu

Saturday 8th November – last day, kinda

To be fair, tomorrow, Sunday, will be my last day in Japan. I will depart for Narita airport and my flight will take off around 18h local time. Around midnight, local time, I will depart from Hong Kong and around 6:30h, again local time, I will arrive in Schiphol.

What my last day will look like, I don’t yet know. At some point I will have to “hand in” my pocket WiFi, which means I will have no more Internet connection on the go. But I suspect WiFi will be available at the airports.

But we’ll get to that tomorrow.
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Automated train

Friday 7th November

I’m a bit late with the update, but that’s because last night I spent talking with Junko-san and her husband, almost until it was time to check in for the airplane. That is, reserve seats on the airplanes that take me to Hong Kong and Schiphol…
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Quicky: to make sure you do not wait forever on a waiter (who does the waiting on you), you simply call out “sumimasen”, loudly if need be.

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