Automated train

Friday 7th November

I’m a bit late with the update, but that’s because last night I spent talking with Junko-san and her husband, almost until it was time to check in for the airplane. That is, reserve seats on the airplanes that take me to Hong Kong and Schiphol…

Anyways, in the morning I got up a bit early, determined not to over sleep like the day before. I took the subway and train to Kameido, to look around a bit for some shopping, seeing that I had a shopping list. xD

After I finished (there was not much else to do for me, over here), I took the train to Shimbashi eki (station), where I transferred to the Yurikamome line, headed for Odaibakaihinkoen, via the Rainbow Bridge. (no, not Rainbow Road, although I suspect where Nintendo got their inspiration) This train was headed to the Lego World Discovery Center. Wooh! And also, Lego Click Brick. Wooh again!

The Lego World Discovery Center is located in a shopping mall, where also Madame Tussauds is located (combination tickets available at reduced price). But I did not intend to visit this amusement park (which requires you to be accompanied by a child), but to simply visit the Lego Store. Unfortunately it wasn’t half as large as the one in Berlin. So, not much to do and see here.

There was more located in this shopping mall, like a watch outlet, where you could buy two watches for ¥2500, which is rather cheap, it was also apparent why they were so cheap: close inspection learned that there were many small blemishes to be found, which might not be all that bad… But I was looking for a pretty watch, so I wasn’t ready to settle for less.

At the outer section of the mall, some kind of Sega amusement park was located, but I skipped that because the regularly found Sega Club stores did not interest me in the least…

Afterwards I just started strolling around, through the area, which is a surprisingly nice and quiet place, when compared to down town. There’s lots of shopping to be done at other shopping malls in the area, including Dive City, which features a whole area dedicated to Gundam Wing statuettes. Very lovely to see.

At 1F there was entire section filled with food joints, so after some walking around, I settled for something, which I don’t know what it was, but it looked very tasty in the picture. Turns out the picture was right. Huzzah! Oishii deshita (it was tasty)

When I got out of the shopping mall, it had turned dark again outside and so I took the Yurikamome line back to Shimbashi, where I transferred to the JR line to Akihabara. I wanted to stroll around there some more, in search whatever would strike my fancy. Another candidate watch was found, but it too was not perfect enough. At another location another candidate was found, but by the time I got there, they were closing shop.

Note: it was more of an exhibition space… I suppose, as a vendor of trader, it’s nigh impossible to rent your own store. Instead, you can simply rent a locked exhibition area, where you can put your things onto display, for everyone to see.

After this, I scouted the area some more, but eventually came up empty handed. That’s OK, I gained another experience, I suppose.

Finally I was on my way home again and when I got there, as mentioned, I had some more talks and completed the check-in process for the returning flight. I could only complete that around 1:30h, so I was pretty tired when I finally went to bed……