Deja vu

Saturday 8th November – last day, kinda

To be fair, tomorrow, Sunday, will be my last day in Japan. I will depart for Narita airport and my flight will take off around 18h local time. Around midnight, local time, I will depart from Hong Kong and around 6:30h, again local time, I will arrive in Schiphol.

What my last day will look like, I don’t yet know. At some point I will have to “hand in” my pocket WiFi, which means I will have no more Internet connection on the go. But I suspect WiFi will be available at the airports.

But we’ll get to that tomorrow.

As I write this, I’m in a Korean restaurant and I think I can look back on an excellent and well spent vacation. Yes, so far, this has been an utter success. I iz happy.

I will also be happy to get back home again. For now, I think I have seen enough of the country and everything. But, just to be clear, I do mean “for now”. I definitely want to come here again some time. It’s just such a shame that it’s not very cheap to undertake such a trip. Well, maybe it’s not expensive, but it will still cost you a lot of money. And besides, the flight is just unpleasant to me. Yes taking off, landing, being at the airport.. Very exciting indeed. But other than that…? No I won’t get bored, probably, and no I don’t get claustrophobic or anything like that. But being on one and the same airplane for so long just isn’t interesting. Oh well..

Anyways, again, that’s all tomorrow.

Today was another great day. A bit rainy and mainly overcast whereas yesterday was beautiful! But fortunately the rain wasn’t as bad as two days ago.

I slept a bit in, to compensate for going to bed late and chatted some more with Junko-san, about my plans and other things. She helped me locate Don Quijote, which would be my first stop of the day. Read more about it in another post.

After that, I walked to the store with the watches on exhibition. I asked if it were possible to try a watch, mainly to see if I really like it on me. But apparently that was not possible.. Alas, no try, no buy.

After this I headed for Akihabara eki (station) to travel to Shimbashi once more and take the Yurikamome line to the harbor area again. This time I wanted to visit the Lego Click Brick store, which I in fact had forgotten to visit. whoops

Once I got there, it turned out that the store was located in another mall, pleasantly named Palette Town. Pastel colors ftw. xD It appeared dome kind of “small dog” show was going on at the center hub.. But I moved on to the shopping mall, which was like the classiest frickin mall in the world. Wow!


And yes, this is all nicely indoor.

After walking around a bit and just enjoying the atmosphere (make sure you’re there when the clock is at the full hour), I got the the Lego store, which was in fact more impressive than the Lego World Discovery Center I had visited yesterday. Of course I brought a little something with me.. 🙂

Afterward, I visited the second level which houses many outlets and a Mega Manga store, or something like that. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by all that is offered in that store. Other than that, there were many clothes shops and some hobby shops.

Once outside again, I visited a Toyota Exposition of some sort. There were concept cars, new models for consumer cars and more exotics cars that will never leave Japan. And a sample car for the upcoming first ever mass produced and commercially available hydrogen only powered car, which looked frickin awesome! (yes, pics will follow)

I had a nice chat with one of the promo girls, about cars and many other things totally unrelated to cars. xD

Once outside, again or had gotten totally dark and I took the densha (train) back, this time to Shiodome, where I got off and stated waking around the area, in search for a nice restaurant. As mentioned at the top, I’m still at the Korean restaurant and I had a tasty soup with noodles and many other things in it. Spicy! And as time went by, it grew more and more crowded in here.

I’ll be on my way again shortly, I intend to visit Tōkyō Tower, the red and white television tower. Just because I can. Other than that, I don’t have any plans yet, but I’m also pretty worn out physically… But I’ll sleep when I’m dead. xD

Ja, ato de. (see ya later)