Less sleep

Quicky: it’s been a relatively short night for me. But it’s been worth it: I got the seats I want and can travel back to the Netherlands. Again, via Hong Kong. Yesh, I’m checked in now for my return flights.


Quicky: I’m not ready sure, but it’s either “Japanese”, “elderly” or “Japanese elderly”. But some folks apparently require little sleep.

For the record, I’m not talking about myself because I’m neither. xD


Quicky: arcades are almost as loud as those joints for Pachinko & Slot.

Also, there still is a Sega Rally Championship game from 1998 here. Amazing!

And no, I don’t think that a motorcycle arcade game, where you actually need to shift body weight, works. Unless there also is simulated force (centrifugal) in the form of added friction when shifting.


Quicky: another thing I do not like here. It’s already Christmas time apparently, so where I’m at they play loungy Christmas music. Ack!

Gundam Wing

Quicky: Gundam statuettes are massively cool. But maybe one of Lego will do… xD

Edit: this is what I’m talking about.


(and yes, this one is life size, not what you would call a statuette or figurine)


Quicky: many Japanese do most walk properly, I (literally) hear. But I may now know why: they do not wear their shoes properly.

That must be because they are used to wearing easy access sandals and slippers. (You know how they never ever wear shoes in their homes, right?) Putting on shoes properly all of the time is just too much of a hassle, as I have personally found out as well.

Bonus: many folks here wear Crocks-type shoes.

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