Home at last

Quicky: the airplane has just landed. 🙂 I’m back and the coming days I will be doing “post processing”, possibly sorting and posting pictures.

I think, this will be all for now.

How to operate an airplane

Quicky: to adjust the seats on a Cathay Pacific airplane, you press and hold the button in your armrest. While pressed you can slide the seat forward while the back tilts back.

Also, you can bend both extremities of your headrest. This way you can try and sleep (or at least maybe rest), because your head doesn’t roll to the side.

Kamera View

Quicky: watching the airplane take off and land, on the external camera view, is just so cool!

Also, descending through the clouds by night is also very pretty to see. 🙂

Movie time

Quicky: I think I already mentioned, but to be sure… On the airplane to Ōsaka I watched the movie Edge of Tomorrow with Tom Cruise. I loved that!

Right now, I’m watching Guardians of the Galaxy. Yum!

Review: excellent!

Take off

Quicky: it’s raining a lot at Narita. And the captain just informed us that it is very busy today. Take off will be slow this time.


Quicky: this airplane has an outside camera which you can use. That is so ridiculously awesome!

Here’s a thought

Quicky: the trip to Hong Kong will take about 4,5 hours I just heard.

But to the point: I think now I know why people had been standing in line at the gate for so long. The ridiculous amounts of luggage people will bring on the plane! They were maybe making sure that they could store their things in the overhead compartment..

Just wow. Apart from the delay, now we’re already late for departure.

Also, I’m not at the plane I saw land earlier. 😛


Quicky: it’s not even close to boarding time, but Asian folks must really like standing in a queue in front of the gate.

I don’t get it. People have a reserved seat, the plane does not depart with people still at the gate, why do you have to be the first one on board and stand in line now, while you can sit and wait for the gate to open?

At the airport, home bound

Quicky: so I’m at the airport, waiting. Luggage has been checked in, passport and boarding pass have been checked. My flight leaves in about an hour and a half, bound for Hong Kong.

I’ve been told that, although my airplane leaves about half and hour late, I will be in time in Hong Kong. Yes, the connecting flight leaves about two and a half hour after the planned arrival, which should leave plenty of time to make up for this delay.

I’m not sure yet at what gate I will have to be in Hong Kong, but I’ll look that up over there. Information is readily available and pretty clear, I’ve noticed on my way here.

Arriving at Narita Airport

Quicky: when you take the Narita Express bus to the airport from Kasai eki (station), you will be taken straight to the airport, which is very convenient. It costs ¥1550.

At the airport however, be prepared to know at which terminal you need to be. Cathay Pacific was at terminal 2, the first of two stops the bus will make.

When arriving, a security check for your passport will be made. This is the time for you to ask the inspector at what terminal you need to be, if you don’t know. Be prepared for the fact that the inspector may not speak English.

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