Catering to needs

Quicky: if there’s a need for it, the Japanese will cater to it. Like mentioned before , apparently it was necessary to have a sign that asks to refrain from gurgling. …Read more

Bugs bite

Quicky: some things never change. No matter where in the world I am, bugs will find and bite me. Lots.

Circling around town

Thursday 29th October Today I got up early, had some breakfast and quickly checked out of the hoteru (hotel) in Himeji. A brisk walk back to the eki (station) was …Read more

Do the talk

Quicky: as I sit there on the sidewalk, just reading a bit and waiting to be able to check-in, an elderly man comes up to me and asks if I’m …Read more

Traaaains! Ugnh!

Quicky: while in Ōsaka, I took a train from Fukushima eki (station) to Nishikujo eki. There I transferred to a non-JR line, so I had to buy a regular ticket. …Read more

Weird emergency

Quicky: so, this morning I was sitting somewhere in Ōsaka, eating some more sushi, when an ambulance (bearing siren and lights) came by and tried to cross the intersection. To …Read more


In the Netherlands, we have a silly joke: It’s yellow and when it gets into your eye, you’re dead. Guess what? Of course it’s a NS train (with them being …Read more

More reversal

Quicky: you leave a copy of your passport when you check out of your hoteru (hotel).

Breakfast shenanigans

So, I got out for breakfast in the hoteru (hotel) restaurant. Even before I was fully seated, the servant was already busy preparing my breakfast. How I could tell she …Read more